Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj & The Weeknd Not Happy With The Grammys Nominations

Nicki Minaj once again has mustered all the headlines as she has called the Grammys racist for snubbing ‘Pink Friday.’

Not just that The Weeknd and Justin Bieber also joined the club by slamming the Grammys. On Tuesday, the Trinidadian-born rapper took to Twitter and expressed that the Grammys chose to instead recognize a white man. Read the article to know more.

Nicki Minaj tweeted, “Never forget the Grammy’s didn’t give me my best new artist award when I had 7 songs simultaneously charting on billboard & bigger first week than any female rapper in the last decade- went on to inspire a generation. They gave it to the white man Bon Iver. #PinkFriday”

The Weeknd called the Grammys corrupt as the singer didn’t receive a single nomination despite six songs from his album “After Hours” making it on the Billboard Global 200 list.

Not just that, he recently earned eight nominations at the American Music Awards (AMAs). The artist took to Twitter and wrote, “The Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency…”

Speaking about Justin Bieber, the singer was nominated for four Grammy awards. He pointed out how his album ‘Changes’ has been listed under pop music when it is R&B record.

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Taking to Instagram, Justin wrote, “I am very meticulous and intentional about my music. With that being said I set out to make an R&B album.

Changes was and is an R&B album. It is not being acknowledged as an R&B album which is very strange to me. I grew up admiring R&B music and wished to make a project that would embody that sound.

For this not to be put into that category feels weird considering from the chords to the melodies to the vocal style all the way down to the hip hop drums that were chosen it is undeniably, unmistakably an R&B album!”

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In the conclusion, Justin Bieber wrote “absolutely love[s] Pop music, [but] it just wasn’t what I set out to make this time around. My gratitude for feeling respected for my work remains and I am honored to be nominated either way.”

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