Google Pay adds new fees for instant transfers

The freshly rebuilt Google Pay app has a lot of nifty new features, but the switch isn’t without its downsides. Sending and receiving money won’t be possible from the web for much longer. And despite adding exclusive new money-saving offers in the app, it looks like Google has implemented new fees that mean Google will charge you for transferring your own money out of Google Pay and onto a debit card.

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When transferring money from your Google Pay balance to a debit card, the transaction is instant and costs you a fee of either 1.5% or 31 cents — whichever is higher. If paying money to get your money rubs you the wrong way, the other option is to transfer the balance to a bank account, which is free but can take up to three business days to complete.

Previously, Google Pay was one of the few payment services that did not charge any fees for transferring money to outside accounts and cards — instantaneous or not. While this change brings Google more in line with others in the market, it’s always hard to accept when features that used to be free get shoved behind a paywall.

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You can find out if the revamped Google Pay perks outweigh the downsides for yourself by downloading the new app from APK Mirror or the Play Store now.

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